List of UK postgraduates and their research interests

This page contains information about UK postgraduates and their research interests. To have your name added to the list please contact Drew Foxall (

Name: Drew Foxall


Institution: University of Oxford

Supervisor(s): Prof. Judith Pallot

Research Title: Mapping Ethnic Relations: Cartography, geopolitics, and security in the North Caucasus.

Research Interests: Geopolitics and political geography, particularly geographies of nationalism and ethnicity in post-Soviet Russia; Russian Foreign Policy; and the war on terror.

Name: Andrew Kythreotis


Institution: University of Hull

Supervisor(s): Dr Sally Eden, Prof. Andy Jonas, Prof. David Gibbs

Research Title: The role of the Voluntary and Community Sector in promoting Sustainable Development in a multi-level governance context, with particular reference to Local Strategic Partnerships.

Research Interests: Sustainability governance; Sustainable Development (as a concept); the Voluntary and Community Sector; the public sector; and the scale debate.

Name: Hasan Turunc


Institution: Royal Holloway

Supervisor(s): Dr Chris Rumford

Research Title: The vernecularization of Turkish politics: diversity beyond dichotomies.

Research Interests: Turkey and Turkish Foreign Policy; International Relations; EU Enlargement; the Middle East; and Geopolitics.