The following officers and members form the current committee of PolGRG.

Elected as honorary committee members:

Dr Adam Ramadan


Chair – Adam Ramadan (2019-2020)





Dan Hammett


Secretary – Daniel Hammett (2018-2021)





Alasdair Pinkerton


Treasurer – Alasdair Pinkerton (2017-2020)




Dr Paul Richardson


Vice Chair – Paul Richardson (2017-2020)




Elected as ordinary members:

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Conference Officer – Ruth Massey (2018-2021)





Rachael Squire


Communications Officer – Rachael Squire (2017-2020)




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Ordinary Member – Anthony Ince (2018-2021)




Postgraduate representatives (2019-2020)


Giselle E. Connell





Cotterill, Eleanor


Eleanor Cotterill