The Political Geography Research Group (PolGRG) is the research group of the RGS-IBG that brings together geographers and others interested in a wide variety of issues connected with relationships between space and power.

Research by group members reflects the diversity of the field, addressing topics such as: territoriality, states and the state system, nationalism, geopolitics, sovereignty, social movements, citizenship, political economy, political ecology, diaspora, elections, boundaries, globalization, imperialism, governance, peace, conflict and security. The mutual geographical construction of these phenomena with gender, race, class, sexuality and religion is a particular focus of interest.

PolGRG aims to promote research, to provide a forum, to create opportunities for early career scholars in the field and to support the teaching of political geography at universities in the UK. Its activities include organizing sessions at conferences of the RGS-IBG and arranging workshops. The Group also seeks international collaborations to broaden its links.