2016 PolGRG dissertation prize

The 2016 Political Geography Research Group dissertation prize has been awarded to Ben Ayres from University College London for his dissertation ‘Constructing an Arctic Laboratory: Oil Spill Simulations at the Hydrocarbon Frontier’.

The judges say that the dissertation was “incredibly well-written, conceptually sophisticated, and demonstrates an engagement with theory that is far beyond the undergraduate level”.

The judges also highly commended the following dissertations:

1. Multiculturalism in Singapore State Policy Vs Everyday Practice, Medha Bhasin, University of Cambridge

2. Estonia and Cybersecurity: an examination of geopolitics, liminality, and geoeconomics, Liam Saddington, Oxford University

3. Politics of Hope: Affective Politics and the Corbyn Phenomena, Isabel Airas, Durham University

The judges were very impressed with the choice of topics, rich engagement with literatures and the insightful analyses in these dissertations.

Many congratulations to Ben, Medha, Liam and Isabel!

The judges this year were Kelly Kay (LSE) and Alan Ingram (UCL. We are very grateful to them for their time.